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Intranet Portal

Intranet Configuration and Extranet Deployment to provide companies with a common platform for efficient information sharing, boost productivity and foster corporate identity amongst employees.

For the benefit of our non-techie peers, the intranet is simply defined as a private or insulated network of computers within an organization that utilizes internet protocols and processes. Its main function is to share information and resources through a common knowledge base and storage - facilitating communication and group work.

Intranet websites can either be viewed through company desktops or a Virtual Private Network (VPN), while securing it from those who don't have approved access with a firewall. An extranet in contrast, like its name suggests, enables controlled outside access for the exchange of data and information between workgroups, suppliers, business partners etc.

We at CreativeRAYZ will help you to adapt such intranet tools and solutions to enhance convenience, connectivity and productivity amongst their employees. From emails, to storing document templates and financial statements, and having administrative functions like a meeting room bookings and shared calendars.

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